Microsoft Encarta was a digital multimedia encyclopedia created and published by Microsoft Corporation from 1993 to 2009. It was originally sold on CD-ROM or DVD, and also available online through annual subscription. Later articles could also be viewed for free online with advertisements.[1] It also contained tools that are useful to students, teachers and other professionals in different fields as well as tutorials on how to use the spreadsheet and other office and education tools Microsoft created.

April 2009 however, Microsoft announced in that it would cease to sell Microsoft Student and all editions of Encarta Premium software products worldwide by June 2009, citing changes in the way people seek information, and in the traditional encyclopedia and reference material market, as the key reasons behind the termination. Updates for Encarta were offered until October 2009. Additionally, MSN Encarta web sites were discontinued around October 31, 2009, with the exception of Encarta Japan which was discontinued on December 31, 2009. Existing MSN Encarta Premium (part of MSN Premium) subscribers were refunded.[2]

Encarta Kids is a learning encyclopedia intended for young learners. This is useful to teachers who are teaching students from toddler to elementary. It is also helpful in creating and/or integrating the lessons and materials into the school’s preschool and elementary education curricula.

Encarta Students is a learning encyclopedia intended for higher elementary and secondary/high school students. It is also useful to teachers of higher elementary to the senior high school levels. The materials, information and teaching tools are helpful in creating and/or integrating the lessons and materials into the school’s elementary and secondary education curricula.

Microsoft Math is equipped with different tools that are useful in handling problems in different levels of mathematics. It is useful to teachers, students and working professionals who need a handy tool that is easy to use. This is part of the Microsoft Encarta 2009 Premium bundle.


Microsoft Encarta English Dictionary is another component of the Microsoft Encarta 2009 Premium bundle. It was an online dictionary until 2009. Downloading and installing the software on a Windows computer makes this powerful tool handy and available for use offline. Its contents are still on par with other existing online dictionaries and references. 


You may download the Microsoft Encarta 2009 from this site. There are two versions of the software. The first is the ZIP/RAR compressed version which around 2 GB. The second is the 3 GB mirror (ISO/NRG) file. Because of the size of the files, it will take sometime to download. We suggest that you download it where Internet connection is stable.
Click here to download the ENCARTA Premium 2009Version-1 (ZIP/RAR)

The above version is easier to download and install, but is also prone to damage and corruption during transfer or download. However if no such incident occur, then you only need to install two additional software which are number 2 and 3 below, with their purposes explained.

If the the downloaded file is corrupted, then you need to install the other version (Version 2-ISO/NRG). To be able to open and install you also need the Daemon Tools (No. 1 below). Here is the Encarta ISO/NRG version:
Click here to download the ENCARTA Premium 2009-Version-2 (ISO/NRG)

Below are the aforementioned three additional IT tools you need to download and install on your computer to enable all the functions of Encarta. These are also useful in many other applications and are easy and safe to install.

1. Daemon Tools

This is a similar to a DVD player installed on your computer. It is used to play a “digital disk” or “virtual disk” that contains the data in a CD or DVD. This is useful when opening files such as ISO and NRG. You may download one of them from here. This can be installed on a Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 computers may prompt you to install a more compatible latest version. You may choose to accept installing the newer version instead. Once installed, you can use this to mount the Encarta ISO/NRG version for installation. Click here to download Daemon Tools

2) Macromedia Flash 8 (Flash Professional 8)

This is a software for the proper function of graphic effects, animation, text, video, and audio in Encarta 2009 on your desktop. You need to install this after full installation of the Encarta Premium on your computer. Click here to download Macromedia Flash 8

3) WinRAR X64-501

This software is used to open compressed or zipped files for safe transmission such as uploading and downloading as well as multiple files or software that were zipped or compressed and attached to an email. You may download a version from here. Once downloaded you can use this to extract and install the Macromedia Flash 8 and other zipped or compressed software you will need in the future. Click here to download WinRAR-x64 (For 64 bit Windows)

4) Windows Essentials 2012

Windows Essentials 2012 is an old package of different office software Microsoft published but no longer supports (but not harmful). The only functioning part of this package is the Movie Maker which has been a very important tool in video editing. If you still want to use it, you may download it from here.


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