After learning the basics of a website, you are now ready build one. Here are the steps you need to take to be able to successfully set up a website. If you have not read the article, basics of a website, you may click/tap on the link to get more insight before moving forward.

Read: The Basics of a Website

Before you start, there is one more thing you have to do. You need you create an account with our domain registrar using this link which leads you to another window. After creating your account, leave the window open as you will need it later. And then you can come back here to complete the rest of the procedures below. If you need any assistance on any of these steps please feel free to contact us and a representative will be ready to help.

Step 1: Domain Registration

Now that you are ready to build your own website, you can now think of a domain name that will be used as your Unique Resource Locator or URL. The following are some examples of website domains:

(your entity name) .com
(your entity name) .net
(your entity name) .org
(your entity name) .info

If you already have a domain in mind you can register your domain here.

Step 2: Domain Hosting

Now it’s time to rent a place where your website will be built. This will be the host server of the contents of your website. Our web hosting partner has the following options that you can choose from:

cPanel Starter Package – Single website with limited storage capacity
cPanel Economy Package – Single website with higher storage capacity
cPanel Deluxe Package – Multiple websites with limited storage capacity
cPanel Ultimate Package – Multiple websites for higher storage capacity

If you are ready to set-up your new website and want to find the best hosting package, you may send your enquiries to this email address:

Step 3: Website Construction

Now that you have both the locator or web address (Domain) and the physical address (Host Server) of your website, it is now time to start building it and creating its contents and the different resources that you want your visitors to see when they find your address. If you have an experience creating a website then you can start from here. If you need our help you can contact us and one of our representatives will be ready to help you.

Please send your inquiries to this email address:

You may have heard about other ways to create websites for free using different applications. There are some easy-to-create websites using drag-and-drop and other pre-built templates available all over the Internet. However, you need to start building your website the right way and in the right direction at the very start. If you really want to create a website that is associated with your unique identity which will eventually expand into a business or institution with a global scope and/but not associated or co-exist with another website (such as sub-domain of a site), then what we have recommended here is still the best way to start.

Enjoy your new way of expanding your potentials.

For basic information about websites, you can visit this page.

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