The Basics of Spreadsheets/Worksheets

Automatic Features

In 1985, Microsoft Corporation launched a unique software that had become popular in organizing data, which they called Microsoft Excel (or MS Excel). In the succeeding years the word Excel had become a byword to everyone when data organization and calculations are needed. Google later came up with their own which they call Google Sheets and can be used online with their Google Chrome browser. Microsoft also created their online version of the software in their Office 365 package.

A spreadsheet or worksheet is a popular spreadsheet system, which organizes data in columns and rows that can be manipulated through formulas that allow the software to perform mathematical functions on the data. We will not discuss much on this as we can find a lot of information about it on the Internet. But we will instead focus on learning how to use the software.

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The following video clip will help you understand the automatic features of Microsoft Excel.
Introduction to Microsoft Excel

See also the Introduction to Worksheets.


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